What our clients have to say

On this testimonials page, we've include some of the kind feedback emailed to us by our clients. We try very hard to please our customers, to provide the best customer service and to maintain a high standard in our designs.

Thank you for bringing my web presence to such a professional standard, Carla! Your personable nature and adaptability to my website needs made it a joy to work with you. The value of your service is unparalleled. I'm very pleased with the end result at www.kelseysmart.ca and I'm confident that your service will remain relevant to my business' online evolution over the years.

Kelsey Smart
Certified Financial Planner

How often does a person want to make a recommendation without being asked? Well, this is one of those extremely rare occasions when I wanted to do this. On behalf of Adedia, Carla has provided my website with extraordinary quality, timely web content updates and regular support on how to maximize my benefit from it. I am a very small client whose contribution to Adedia's balance sheet can be exaggerated and called miniscule. I still recall the time when I was contemplating moving to Adedia from another provider, I was impressed that my emails were responded/phone calls returned by Carla within minutes. I am delighted that the response time has been maintained even after 2 years of Adedia having my business. There is a lot of truth in the saying that " The greatest asset an organization has is its people". I wish Carla all the best in her career. Anyone considering using the services that Adedia and Carla provide should be assured that once they become a client they will remain valued and entitled to the highest quality of service standards.

Ravi Madan
Financial Security Advisor and Investment Representative

It has been a pleasure working with you. Your team is professional and always quick to respond to my questions and concerns. You were very patient in the process of dealing with our compliance department and I would very much recommend your team to others looking for a professional website. Thank you for helping me take my business to the next level.

Bill Clunas
Certified Financial Planner
Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network

I wanted a new web site at a reasonable cost and Carla Cacovic came through. I could not believe how fast things came together. Carla and the team at Adedia built the site, and we kept on adding and improving it. Then, when I was satisfied, we went live with it. I think it is very easy to navigate and gives credibility to my practice as a Financial Security Advisor. I would highly recommend Carla because of her speed of service and professionalism.

Ric Haroutunian
Retired Financial Security Advisor and Investment Representative

As a former advisor, Carla's unique insight allowed her to create a website that would meet any advisor's needs.

Michael Hector Ponti
Financial Security Advisor and Investment Representative

I finally decided I needed an online presence but did not want a lot of work or expense. Adedia was the perfect fit for me. Carla and her team did everything at a price and level of excellence that has far exceeded all my expectations!

Dennis Bell
Certified Financial Planner
Dennis Bell Inc.

From the energetic introduction, through the process description, to the compliant-ready site delivery, Adedia's delivery on their value proposition (i.e. fast, accurate & creative websites) was as promised. Not only did Adedia deliver on their promise, they also provided creative suggestions throughout. Compared to previous experiences, Carla has shown that web studios can actually be proactive!!

Mark Woolnough
Financial Security Advisor and Investment Representative